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What We Do

Prestigious Appliance is the in-home Factory Certified Sub-Zero and Wolf Service and Repair Center company for most of North Alabama and Central Alabama. Our technicians cover a large service area – please visit our locations for Central Alabama and Northern Alabama for a complete list of countries, cities and zip codes we cover.

If you need service, click here to schedule an appointment, either over the phone or through our online form. We are the premier #1 partner with Sub-Zero and Wolf to solve your appliance service and repair needs. Check us out on the SubZero Wolf website.

We are Certified

We’re Sub-Zero, Wolf and ASKO Factory Certified Service providers.

Prestigious Appliance concentrates on repair, service and maintenance of Sub-Zero/Wolf and Asko appliance brands. We are specifically contracted with Sub-Zero/Wolf as the premier “Factory Certified Service” company in the Central and North Alabama area. Our technicians specialize in Sub-Zero refrigeration and Wolf cooking appliance repair to keep all your in and out of warranty appliances performing at their optimal level of performance.

“Certified” means that you will receive the “best in class” service from the most experienced and knowledgeable service professional in repairing your high-end luxury appliances. We are the specialist in also maintaining your appliances and keeping them working their very best. Since we specialize in Sub-Zero/Wolf, we have the most up-to-date training and resources available to make sure we fix it right the first time. When others may have failed we will be persistent to make certain it is repaired correctly. We are in direct contact with factory technical assistance and customer service representatives to make certain that you receive the quality service you deserve. Our accomplished technicians are also trained on ASKO dishwasher and laundry repair in order to bring our highest level of know-how to all ASKO appliance owners.

We are the pros

Luck is where preparation meets opportunity. We are prepared by receiving factory training, strategically stocking our trucks to have the right parts and specifically focusing on Sub-Zero refrigeration and Wolf cooking. The opportunity is when you need service. You don’t want just any appliance technician but one that is knowledgeable, experienced and accomplished with your specific brand of appliance. You need a specialist technician who has detailed knowledge and know-how, who can use his expertise to repair your luxury appliance correctly and return it to its optimal performance. You did not buy just any appliance so it is wise not to just let anyone service, repair or maintain it.

We have the knowledge and know-how

Every successful company has a process or a specific set of activities in order to achieve a particular successful solution. Prestigious Appliance has developed a process so we you may receive an experience that you will want to tell your family, friends and neighbors about. It’s all about knowing the right people who also know how to get things done.

We are the people with the know how…

We can solve your problems so you can get back to enjoying the benefit of your prestigious appliance.

  • Know we are always available. You can call us any time. If we are not in the office it will be forwarded to a live person anytime. If, for some reason, we do not answer you may leave a message and it will be forwarded immediately to someone who will call you back as soon as possible. We care even outside of normal business hours because sometimes that is when you find out you have a problem.
  • Know your Model and Serial number: This information is vital to assist our technicians prepare for your service call. Our technicians may then stock the right parts for your appliance and look up any common issues the factory might have recently educated service providers on.
  • Know what’s wrong with the unit: Try to be descriptive as possible about the problem the appliance is having, if you are not the one experiencing the problem try to have that person contact us as well. Is the vacuum condenser or service light on and when did it appear? What specific noise is it making? Is there a certain smell or odor? Is the unit too cold or too hot? Is there ice or frost on the back wall? Which gas surface burner is not lighting properly? Is the ice cream melting? Where does the leak seem to be coming from and ending? When did the problem start?
  • Know your history about your appliance: Has Prestigious Appliance ever serviced this appliance before? Is the unit on one of our Scheduled Maintenance Programs? Have you been the sole owner of the appliance or was it there when you moved in? Was the unit recently installed? Has the unit ever been registered with Sub-Zero and/or Wolf or had any factory warranty service provided? We keep records of every customer we have and their appliances but it’s always good to let us know if the appliance has been worked on by us or other service providers. Sub-Zero and Wolf also keep meticulous records of any warranty service and whether the product has been registered and has any remaining warranty service.
  • Know your warranty: Sub-Zero and Wolf have the best warranty in the business. To make certain you are able to take advantage of this warranty we will always verify with the manufacturer what factory warranty is available. Only Factory Certified Service centers have access to this information and can provide you with the need information and if a question arises help you get directly connected to a customer care consultant who will assist you.
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