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It’s been a long hot summer! It’s time to start considering the routine maintenance of your appliances. When you begin seeing the decorations for the Halloween you know that Fall has arrived and the Summer has passed. This summer we had consistent days in the 90’s causing your food preservation appliances such as your refrigerator to work harder. You will soon also begin filling your Sub-Zero with food for the holidays. So now is the time to perform a maintenance check on your Sub-Zero. And don’t forget to check your Sub-Zero or other ice machines and get stuck with having to buy ice for the parties soon around the corner.

Continue to be cool with Sub-Zero maintenance

A Sub-Zero refrigerator is more than just a cooling box it is a food preservation center and also can hold a lot of food for longer. It can only do that if it is working at its peak efficiency. When friends and family are coming over you need it working its best to keep all the cheeses and meats ready for your their enjoyment. Now is the time to be proactive in making certain that everything is working properly.

Prestigious Appliance has a Scheduled Maintenance Program where our knowledgeable technicians will make sure your Sub-Zero is in optimal condition and let you know whether it needs further service.

They will perform the following checks:

  • Clean condenser coils
  • Check the drain pan
  • Clear drain lines
  • Inspect door seals for proper closure
  • Examine the entire unit along with diagnostic checks

Make sure your Wolf cooking appliances are ready for the season.

Whether it is your Wolf Oven, Cooktop, Warming Drawers, or Microwave, your cooking appliances are going to carry the load of making holiday dishes – from roasting turkey to simmering sauces. If you’re like most people, you’ll probably do some cleaning before guests arrive. When performing routine maintenance of your appliances, and you plan to tackle the oven or range, do so at least two weeks before the holiday. That way, if you notice a problem, you’ll have time to call for service.

When cleaning:

  • Test the oven with a common cooking thermometer to ensure that baking temperatures and times are accurate.
  • Never place foil on the floor of your Wolf oven to catch drips. It will cease to the oven cavity.
  • Brush off the burners with a toothbrush or remove debris with a small wire to fix cooktop ignitors.
  • Do not submerge cast-iron grates in water.
  • Spray cleaner on a rag before wiping electronic panels; otherwise the microprocessor switches may be ruined.

Prestigious Appliance is a locally-owned business specializing with Sub-Zero & Wolf Appliances – we can handle any assistance you need with your appliances during holiday parties. If you need help during the months ahead with your refrigerator, oven or cooktop repair needs…

Are you ready to tackle the routine maintenance of your appliances? Contact Prestigious Appliance or call 205-791-7820 today!

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  • Buzz Palmer

    Thanks so much for your time yesterday in the rain coming to our house to fix a mounting issue on our 14 year old ASKO dishwasher. I appreciate the fact that you came on the day and time that you had stated and continuously kept us informed of you arrival times throughout the day.
    Your service and ” kitchen side manner was the best and it was actually a pleasure to have you in our home and especially determining the issue and developing a plan to get it fixed while you were here. By far and away your company is the best service I have ever received from any home service I have ever experienced. I am extremely grateful for having renewed my confidence in humanity in my fellow man from my experience with your service. Thanks again, Buzz Palmer Saginaw Alabama

  • Nila McBrier

    Just want to say what great business to deal with! I am very pleased with their work. My Sub-Zero is like new! I appreciate you for working with my crazy schedule. Thank you again to all!!

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